Obvious Uses For Machine Learning

With machine learning, the computer itself looks for these connections and constantly adjusts the results to achieve the best result. If you have a WooCommerce or Magento webshop yourself, you can take a look at the implementation of services such as Findify. These platforms help you make your webshop search more relevant with contextual search. 3. Targeted user experience With artificial intelligence you can also provide a targeted user experience, in which the visitor is more central. You can use this to adapt the content of your webshop to visitor behaviour. Examples of this are, for example, showing more relevant products to your customers based on their previous purchasing behavior. In addition, with machine learning you can look for invisible patterns that better classify the intent of your customers. This way you can better segment and target customers.

Uses For Machine Learning

Does the computer estimate the chance that your visitor wants to leave the website and is mainly ‘price’ shopping? Then you can, for example, show a targeted exit-intent pop-up with a discount code or free shipping to the visitor to keep them inside. For example, some useful platforms that provide personalization services for Indonesia B2B List WooCommerce, Magento, or Shopify are Personalization and Megabit . 4. Image/Voice/Text Search Machine learning allows us to better interpret text, images and sound. This makes it possible to recognize speech and convert it into text that can be understood by a computer. In addition, a computer can recognize objects in photos. Finally, machine learning can help you better understand written text. You can imagine that you can come up with a lot of applications with this. For example, consider uploading a selfie to see which items of clothing match your outfit.


For Machine Learning

Or photographing the engine in your car, so that you can recognize it with machine learning and immediately show the associated parts. Another example can be clearly seen with one of our customers who sell contact lenses. We offer consumers the opportunity to scan their old packaging and with that we immediately know which strength, diameter, radius and which brand they need for their lenses. image search webshop If you use Magento for your webshop, you can easily implement voice search . In addition, you can easily add image search to your Magento webshop with various modules. 5. Generate product texts With Natural Language Processing you can let the computer generate texts for your products. Based on entered specifications, a product title or the image of the product, you can generate flowing product descriptions, which will ultimately ensure a better customer experience and search engine ranking.

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