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In that week I received an email from the telecom organization that something had gone wrong, that some customers had incorrectly put Netflix on the telecom subscription, and that they regretted this error and would rectify it with the next invoice. On top of that, the lady called neatly after a week to report this to me personally. These first five golden rules are the basis, the hygiene factors that must at least be good for each other. If the basics are in order, you can win it on the sixth and seventh golden lines. 6. Be genuinely involved with your customer The customer is allergic to insincere involvement. It will get through in no time. Get to know your customer well and listen to what they have to say.

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Also show that you enjoy doing this, and that you don’t do it because you have to. It is important that your employees have a heart for the company, they also radiate this to the customer. Does the customer really feel like a customer or is Jamaica Phone Number mainly want to earn a lot of money from? To be genuinely involved with your customer, you have to work hard and employees must enjoy working for you. Therefore also work on the Jamaica Phone Number involvement is also good for many customers. RegioBank is a textbook example of this. They call themselves a ‘neighborhood’ bank and are committed to the environment where the bank is located.


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The social aspect is important. We support associations and activities. We recently had a case of major fire damage, so you can show your face there,” say Paul and Sander Klomberg. Being regionally involved makes RegioBank unique and therefore extra attractive for certain customers. Example: although they have no branches there, they still have customers from Amsterdam and Roermond. People want personal contact and personal attention, which they no longer find at one of the ‘big’ banks in their own city. 7. Have an eye for people and society This Golden Rule is a fairly new development in customer-friendliness.

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