Video and Display Campaigns We’ve Been Reading It for a While

If you want to experiment within Google, I have a few more tips for you. Make sure your conversion data is accurate and therefore measured properly. In addition, it is advisable to merge campaigns with little data before you start A/B testing. The moment you start a campaign with, for example, 20 conversions per month, this means in practice that your test campaign will collect too little data to run a successful test. If you have an account with little data, I recommend setting up soft conversions to collect more data. Think of signing up for the newsletter or downloading a white paper . By only focusing on, for example, an ‘appointment’, you limit your account enormously. 3. Responsive Sech Ads Another important development within Google ads is the abolition of extensive search ads, also known as ETAs. From June 2022, it will only be possible to use Responsive Text Ads (RSAs) via Google Ads.

Display Campaigns We’ve Been Reading It for a While

According to Google, this option is the next step in making your campaigns even easier and it will be easier for Google to show a more relevant ad with every search query. You can already prepare your account for this by making sure that each ad group has an optimized RSA running. The ETAs will no longer be Advertising Agency Mailing List editable after the update, but will still run if you don’t change anything. A development that is again not ideal for marketers who want to have everything under control. With this new setup we give the Google algorithm itself the opportunity to mix up different headlines and descriptions . Tip : by pinning your headlines, you ensure that certain elements always come back. Think of your brand name or other elements, such as the price of a product for e-commerce customers. Pin headers Google Ads Image 2: Pin your headline to maintain control. 4.


Campaigns We’ve Been Reading It for a While

Video and Display Campaigns We’ve been reading it for a while: video is king ! Yet there are few performance marketers who can confidently spend a large budget in the Display network or YouTube. Especially if ‘conversions’ is the most important KPI. A major stumbling block for marketers was the fact that these conversions were measured by the last-click attribution. The possibility to choose your own attribution model for your Display or YouTube campaign now will certainly lead to an extra commitment to video and display campaigns in 2022. 5. Data-driven attribution the new standard In summary, the adjustment below does not come as a surprise. Last month, Google announced that data-driven attribution will become the default for your Search, Shopping, Display and YouTube campaigns. The company expects to complete the full rollout by early 2022. Do you want to go back? For the time being, you can still choose one of the 5 ‘standard’ attribution models in your conversion settings.

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