Duo Watching Video Conversion Generation

Not only are there more webshops with volume, the parties behind these shops also work more professionally and their companies have also become more transferable. With this increasing maturity, the number of ‘takeover prey’ has increased. And with it the options for webshop owners who want to grow. Because while the ‘growth through acquisition’ strategy is. Already quite common in the rest of the business world, it is now also becoming relevant in the e-commerce industry. Growth through acquisition With acquisition of a competitor, not only its website. Stock and supplier contacts are taken over, but also the related visitor flows. In order not to make it too complex, we use the free organic, direct and newsletter channels (based on the acquired customers/mail file).

Watching Video Conversion Generation

These daily visitors and the related conversions are the basis for the calculation in which this traffic is compared with extra SEA traffic. Growth through SEA SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising. For many shops, SEA traffic is around 60%. This mainly consists of Google Ads traffic and to a lesser extent Bing Ads traffic. An advantage of Uzbekistan B2B List SEA is that you have insight into the return on your investment in a fairly short term and can scale up with budgets. As a result, you also have a direct relationship with turnover and profit. Do you want rapid growth in turnover and customer base? Then SEA is a channel to realize that. Especially if you do not initially bet on maximum profit, but play on break-even , in many cases you can compete with. SEA against the competition and take good positions.


Video Conversion Generation

Suppose a shop acquisition costs $1,500,000 and the industry average CPC is $1. In theory you could also buy 1.5 million visitors for that. Introduction case The case is based on two existing dropshipment web shops. The first web store concerns the entrepreneur who is considering both SEA and the acquisition of a competitor for growth (from here on ‘ the entrepreneur ‘). The second web store concerns the takeover prey (from here on ‘ the prey ‘) with 1,000 visitors per day, 65% of which come in via free channels. The average conversion of this traffic is 1.0%, which as usual is less than the conversion of the more targeted SEA traffic. We assume that the conversion of this paid channel is 3.0%. starting situation.

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