A Better Way Of Matching The Results

Our own figures also show that the brands with a real purpose do better than the others. So if we invest in it, we do it well – whether you look at People, Planet or Profit. Everyone benefits. We therefore also work with a ‘multi-stakeholders’ model. We make sure that everyone gets their share.” Hybrid solutions cause disappointments What is the impact of the Corona crisis on that beautiful animal park in Emmen, Wildlands Adventure Zoo? There was already talk of ‘a difficult start’, due to the name change and the associated (re)branding strategy. Erik van Engelen – the new chairman of the Advertisers’ Union – is director of AI there. He normally works from a strategic plan, for the longer term. Now things are a bit different, he explains: “During a crisis, everything comes under pressure, including your business model. You then make short-term decisions. Strong leadership must be shown.

Way Of Matching The Results

Sometimes with serious and painful consequences. But it also offers new possibilities. When the zoo was allowed to open again, we had to register visitors in advance: name and address details, visit time, group composition, etc. The corona crisis Jordan B2B List mainly causes misery. But sometimes it also creates new possibilities I really wouldn’t have wanted that a year ago. Everyone who reported to the register was welcome. We didn’t want to create barriers. It now appears that this registration also has a number of advantages. This allows us to better coordinate our staff and catering planning. Moreover, the extra contact moment is an opportunity for branding. This enhances the customer experience. Moreover, all that registration data also provides a wealth of information. That provides new insights.


Of Matching The Results

Ultimately, we will continue to grow as a result.” Also read: Will you become the superhero for the purpose of your company? Animals as rock in the surf That growth has been rather disappointing since the opening. The familiar Emmen Zoo moved and got a new name: ‘Wildlands Adventure Zoo’. It also became a kind of combination of amusement park and animal park. That caused quite a bit of confusion. Did that positioning play a role in the quail? And what has been done about it? Van Engelen: “In my view, the brand name is perfect. We want to be the most adventurous animal park and that’s exactly what the name says. The biggest problem was the hybrid positioning. That does not work. People who want to go to an amusement park, go to the Efteling or Walibi. You shouldn’t mix that with an animal park. That only leads to disappointment for everyone.

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