we should not get carried away by the number of followers, but look for the kind of influencer that

A specialist will continuously monitor offers, find affiliates, help you calculate payments and more. Be nice to your managers. First of all, they are people who do their job and help you. Also, you can benefit from building a friendly relationship with your AM (affiliate manager). Increase commissions By being loyal and kind to your manager, you can get exclusive offers.


Do you want to increase the commission

Look for the same offers Namibia Phone Number that you promote on other networks. Find some with higher rates and ask your AM if they can match it. It is not in their interest to let you go to a competing network. Therefore, most of the time, you will get a better commission without much effort. Find the best offer You can use oDigger, which we already talked about, or another website called OfferVault.com. There, you can search for affiliate programs that suit your website using general keywords. We give you a clue.


If you are a newbie

 Namibia Phone Number

We recommend promoting products that you already know and like. Such a condition will make it easier for you to start. Also, if you don’t see anything suitable on any of the affiliate networks or search engines like oDigger, you can always contact the companies directly. If you are successful, you will not need an affiliate network, but you may need a manager with experience in the field. Step #2 – Create a modern website for your business If you don’t already have a website, you’ll need to create one for your CPA strategy. We will help you with a simple step by step: 1. Choose a web hosting provider First of all, you will need a web hosting provider. Choose one according to: Your needs. For example, if you have an ecommerce, choose a host that supports all the apps and tools you need for the store. The same with blogs.

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