What Are The Features Of The Different Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tools?

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a platform that allows the digital management of a company, taking into account all the axes essential to the proper functioning of the latter. To this end, it is composed of various tools in response to the needs to be satisfied. These have a variety of destinations (ranging from sales management to finance, among others), which it would be appropriate to go through, to better understand their particularities. Autopsy! Dynamics 365 is an effective business solution, because it combines a set of process-oriented applications. Indeed, Microsoft Dynamics AX combines an ERP system, CRM, technical service, HR support and various modern tools for data analysis and Machine Learning. It goes without saying that this platform offers many possibilities, thanks to its innovative side, then its various modules and functionalities. What tools does it offer and what are their features?

The modules offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 thanks to players such as Hitachi solutions , are of different natures, and therefore make it possible to achieve various ends. Dynamics 365 sales It is a Microsoft Dynamics AX CRM tool, all of whose features are sales force oriented. This module provides connection to social networks, access to the portal allowing exchanges with customers and promotes the traceability of interactions with them. Thanks to this tool, the sharing of relevant content is possible, as well as obtaining actionable customer information. Based on the analysis of CRM data and messages, Dynamics 365 Sales can suggest actions and help anticipate many aspects inherent to the operation of the business. This Microsoft Dynamics AX module is therefore a forecasting tool that also allows the evaluation of the quality of relations with the company’s customers and prospects.

Dynamics 365 For Operations Management

Dynamics 365 for customer service It is a customer service management solution allowing the definition of service agreements, the allocation of tickets and the organization of the company’s calendar. In fact, it brings together all the functionalities intended for Ukraine Phone Number List the control of the intervention and after-sales processes, via advanced analysis and machine learning assistance for the resolution of cases. Similarly, thanks to this effective tool, Microsoft Dynamics AX allows you to graphically configure business processes. Dynamics 365 marketing This Microsoft Dynamics 365 tool is strategic in the management of content, data and marketing processes, so that the company can offer its customers, prospects and targets an optimal and flawless customer experience.

via different communication channels. Assistance in campaign management, e-mail marketing and event supervision are also possibilities marketing module. Dynamics 365 finance All the functions of financial supervision. As well as the management of ERP Dynamics AX are taken into account here. Indeed, in its design, Microsoft Dynamics AX did not overshadow functions such as sales. production, delivery, invoicing, purchasing.  And more generally financial management. All of its aspects are  module. Dynamics office 365 This module integrates office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PowerApps, SharePoint) as well as collaboration tools (Yammer, Skype) and storage (OneDrive) on the cloud.

Dynamics 365 For Field Service Management

It enables workflow automation. More details about this Microsoft Dynamics 365 module here . Dynamics 365 for automating project tracking This is about the Microsoft Dynamics.  AX module allowing the monitoring of a project. The detection of the lead to the delivery and payment of a product or service. This Microsoft Dynamics 365 tool allows the realization of budgets. Estimates and works for a contract, as much as it ensures the planning of actions and the allocation of resources. Entering information relating to time constraints and expenses in order to establish precise.  Invoicing is also part of the functionalities of this project monitoring empowerment tool. It also enables team collaboration. Dynamics 365 for field service management Here, Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a field-oriented solution.

The provision of mobile tools to technicians for reading barcodes is also of this tool. It promotes remote data retrieval by RFID. Payment by credit card, and the remote completion of the entire process, from order to signature by the customer. Via this solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX provides predictive maintenance, thanks to the collection and analysis of connected data. Dynamics 365 for operations management. The functionalities of this tool range from the processing of manufacturing processes.  The management of points of sale with local data management. It facilitates providing the customer with a satisfying experience, obtaining real-time information, and advanced inventory and warehousing management. Dynamics 365 Business Central It is a solution that integrates all the functionalities of ERP NAV on the cloud. With finance, sales, logistics, services and project management modules.  Then integrated contact management with CRM.

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