That’s What Google Stadia Stands

For example, the graph above shows that the peak in organic search traffic for Black Friday-related keywords is used in the orientation phase. So that is the time to be present within search engines with Google Ads campaigns. 1. Optimize your ads for Black Friday A nice way to capitalize on this phase is to set up your ads with a countdown element, such as ‘Black Friday at .. starts in 2 days!’. This is possible with the countdown function within advertisement management. In addition, it’s important to add why they should be with you for Black Friday deals. What percent discount do you give? Is there a limited stock (on = gone)? Also add ‘Black Friday’ to your keywords. Do you sell electric scooters and do you have a Black Friday offer? Then you might miss out on searchers with a high purchase intention without the keyword ‘Electric Scooter Black Friday’. Screenshot of a Google search for Black Friday. 2.

What Google Stadia Stands

Add promotional extensions to your ad Competition is increasing, especially during Black Friday. How do you ensure that consumers order from your webshop? Add promotions to your ads, such as “free shipping” or “free packed,” which align Tonga B2B List with the upcoming holiday season. This extra trigger can be decisive in the online search for the best deals. But be careful: don’t make promises you can’t keep. Next day delivery is probably not an option, because mail deliverers often do not get the increasing orders delivered on time. Consumers also come to your website for the best Black Friday deals, not the fastest delivery. 3. Pay attention to your (Smart) Shopping campaigns Google Smart Shopping campaigns are growing in popularity. Google says that switching from regular Shopping campaigns to Smart Shopping campaigns leads to an average 20 percent more conversion.


Google Stadia Stands

And that’s exactly what you want during Black Friday. It sounds like an open door, but we’ll say it again just to be sure: make sure you’ve added the relevant products to your campaign. Are there any products or product groups that are not discounted? Then exclude these from your Shopping campaigns. Shoppers are specifically looking for good deals during Black Friday. So make sure you include those highly discounted products in your Smart Shopping campaigns. Also read: Countdown to Black Friday: 7 last-minute tips for webshops 4. Make sure you have enough budget A common mistake during Black Friday is that marketers stick to the same budget for their campaigns. Search traffic is going through the roof during Black Friday, which means your Google Ads campaigns will run out of budget faster than you think. Keep in mind that the popularity of Black Friday continues to grow every year.

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