What Is The Interest Of A Company To Get Into Sms Marketing?

Faced with ever-increasing competition in the business sector, it is essential for companies to define marketing strategies to retain their customers. Many promotional means are available. But, in recent years, SMS marketing has become more and more advantageous and much more appreciated by consumers than other communication channels for various reasons. Many studies have proven that SMS marketing is the most effective way, especially since 88% of the French population have a mobile. Very simple to set up, it is also economical and ecological. Discover here the interest of a company to get into SMS marketing. SMS marketing is a channel through which companies can send mass SMS or personalized text messages with the aim of informing their customers and interacting with them in order to build loyalty. It also influences the general development of society.

The appearance of SMS dates back more than a quarter of a century. As far as SMS marketing is concerned, 2009 represents its year of creation. In addition, the innovation of instant messaging like Messenger or WhatsApp has truly changed the way SMS is used. It should be noted that SMS nevertheless remain a widely used means. A study has shown that nearly 50 billion SMS are exchanged each quarter in France. In terms of professional messaging, 280 million text messages are distributed per month. SMS marketing surveys are amazing: over 98% of messages are read on average within three minutes of receiving them. It should be noted that no marketing channel had reached this rate. This is not so surprising, since a mobile phone user consults his communication tool an average of 150 times in one day.

Offers, Invitations, Contests And Giveaways

In addition, with the new opt-in technology, consumers can give their consent in advance by SMS on their Mobil. All of this data proves that customers are more Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers receptive to SMS, unlike e-mailing campaigns that fill their mailboxes. This is the that SMS marketing is not yet the of spam. The interest of SMS marketing for your business The majority of companies are still unaware of what an ideal exploitation of SMS can bring to their structure. For the simple reason that these companies have never experienced a campaign dedicated to the SMS channel! However, when the strategy is well thought out and as a wellpack. its benefits for your business are very advantageous. Indeed, wellpack is now the best solution for sending an SMS marketing campaign.

Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers

This may be the solution that will boost it significantly! Instant engagement Multiple studies have shown that the frequency of consultation of e-mail by the customer is once or twice a day. In addition, several emails are for the simple reason that they are as content. On the other hand, customers check their SMS inboxes several times a day. Thus, just in a few minutes, multiple are usually . Ease and speed of installation Planning and deploying an SMS marketing campaign is easy and quick to set up like child’s play. Compared to traditional advertising, it requires less planning ahead. So, whether for an SME or any other business, an SMS marketing campaign is ideal for saving time.

The Different Types Of Sms Marketing Content

However, for its effectiveness, a marketing SMS should not contain more than 30 words, or 160 characters optimally. In other words, it should not exceed two sentences. This makes it easy to read content at a glance. A short and precise message offers great ease of immediate memorization. The cost of an SMS marketing campaign is very affordable. It represents a perfect alternative for companies that do not want to incur huge expenses for advertising. In general, sending a message costs less compared to an offline display advertising campaign or on the Net (display). In addition, several operators offer very affordable solutions that will cost you only a few cents per SMS sent. SMS marketing is interactive To federate around a new product or even a brand, an exchange with customers .

For such a project, an advertiser can make use of the SMS channel to launch an interactive campaign in the form of a questionnaire or survey. Potential consumers now become active participants and provide valuable information to help determine their needs. SMS marketing is then a better way to retain your customers. SMS marketing: an ecological means Today, the issue of environmental protection is a very relevant issue. This requires the adoption and use of less polluting means of communication. In the marketing sector.  The use of SMS leaves no carbon stains unlike all paper media such as billboards or flyers. The different types of SMS marketing content For companies looking for content for their SMS marketing campaign. There are different types of content that you can send to your customers.

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