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Get organic traffic

get organic traffic
who doesn’t want to get website visitors? Of course the website owner wants it because the goal is to get visitors right. What’s more, visitors are looking for products or services that match what we offer. This refers to the implementation of good and correct seo (white hat seo).

Once we apply this technique what we will get is long term results. Especially the owner of a business website, whether it’s a product or service on offer.

Understanding what is black hat seo technique?

Understanding what is black hat seo technique?
The opposite of white hat seo which is the implementation Hong Kong Phone Number of good seo which is recommended, then black hat seo should not be used. This  technique is indeed the same goal, namely trying to increase the ranking of a website or blog on search engines but not in accordance with the rules that have been set. There are many techniques that can harm our website from black hat seo for example:

spam backlink

spam backlink

the use of backlinks is also important but

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what will happen if it is not in accordance with google’s rules and regulations. So when we spam excessive backlinks, bad things will happen to our site, it will even make the website rank drop. What we don’t want the most is that our website is penalized by google which makes our content not appear in searches at all. Spam backlinks are often done by ordinary people who spread their website links carelessly. It doesn’t matter what site you want to make a backlink on. Therefore we must be careful in dealing with it.

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