When Data Analysts Use Complex Techniques

With the growth of mobile internet, we have already seen how quickly a new revolution can be unleashed. It is therefore certainly important for advertisers to actively experiment with voice now. So that you are at the forefront of this development and. Can take advantage of the new opportunities in good time. 3. Video advertising will continue to grow Video advertising will continue to benefit from the shift in budgets from offline to online. An increasing number of advertisers are using video to drive first or subsequent purchases. Opportunities like YouTube for Action at Google help advertisers achieve these goals. We will increasingly have to see video advertising as a supporting activity for all other online marketing activities.

Data Analysts Use Complex Techniques

Because the return of these expressions can be better visualized by advertisers, the budgets that flow into them will undoubtedly also increase. 4. Social e-commerce: in-app shopping Almost all social platforms are currently experimenting with social shopping . The time people spend on social media continues to grow and so does online shopping. Logically, it is an interesting opportunity to better combine these two. Social media does this by Austria B2B List linking inspiring content – ​​which is often visual – with the possibility to make in-app purchases. A few developments at a glance: Instagram has given the shopping button a prominent place in the navigation bar of the app. In the past year, Instagram users in the US were already able to make purchases in the app. There are also reportedly plans to roll this out to the rest of the world at an accelerated pace.



Analysts Use Complex Techniques

Pinterest announced a number of shopping updates in September. Pinterest actually wants to give the feeling that you are browsing through a kind of magazine full of inspiration. TikTok has already tested with the buy button . The rapidly growing platform has now also entered into a partnership with Shopify. The intention is that companies can set up campaigns directly from Shopify to sell products via TikTok. Instagram Shopping Instagram Shopping in new Instagram layout – November 2020 The strong point of in-app sales is, of course, that users can directly pay for the products they encounter via social media – via influencers, friends and brands – via one application. That is an important difference with platforms such as Amazon and Bol.com. Despite the fact that this development is only at the beginning, the billions of active users can make things very fast.

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