Why Buy A Chromebook For Your Employees?

The Chromebook, a simplified laptop computer equipped with the Google Chrome OS in-house operating system , are increasingly popular with consumers, so much so that in 2016, they had exceeded Mac sales in the United States! Here’s a little reminder of what a Chromebook is and why you should buy your employees one for 2020.The Chromebook (Chrome + Notebook) is a type of laptop computer, somewhat similar to the Notebook, except that it is designed by Google and therefore works logically with Google’s operating system, Chrome OS . The Chromebook is designed to be connected to the Internet since the storage is done in the cloud but many uses of the Chromebook without internet are possible. We therefore find the Chrome browser (the first web browser with more than 62% of the market share), and a system that revolves around the web, simplified to the maximum, and therefore accessible to all.

Chromebooks are the computers of choice in the education system, for classrooms or for children’s use, due to their simplicity. It is also often the computer that parents offer their child as their first computer! There are all kinds: solid, reversible, tactile, similar to Notebooks… The Chromebook is attractive on many levels: simple, autonomous (it lasts between 7 and 10 hours on battery), it is also generally very inexpensive compared to a Mac or other classic laptop, with performance to match! We can find Chromebooks for less than 300 €. How does the Chromebook work? The Chromebook turns on in less than 8 seconds and is immediately operational. On the desktop, there are mainly.

In What Situation Is It Worth Buying A Chromebook?

web applications (Play Movies, Play Books, Play Music, Gmail, Google calendar) as well as a shortcut to the Chrome App Store. You can use your Chromebook offline. Be careful though: the Thailand Phone Number List desktop of a Chromebook is different from a classic PC desktop, you cannot store documents there or add shortcuts (the operation is similar to that of a tablet or smartphone). All the storage of your documents is done online, in the Cloud: no need, therefore, for a hard drive. For this reason, a Chromebook is very thin and light . To add Chrome extensions, themes, games or applications, you will need to go to the Chrome Web Store. In what situation is it worth buying a Chromebook?

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The Chromebook, like the Notebook, will not correspond to the uses of a person who needs to handle programs like those of the Adobe suite, or a gamer who will install heavy games. On the other hand, it as a secondary computer or as a main computer if not much. For a person who will simply use his PC to read his emails, read the news, surf the Internet a little or use social networks, the Chromebook will be perfect! The same goes for a person who will only use it for word processing. Finally, the Chromebook will be ideal to take on a trip since it is light and has a long battery life. The Chromebook, because it is very simple to use, will be ideal for the elderly and children. What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Chromebook?

The only condition for using it is to have an Internet connection! What are the benefits of buying a Chromebook? The Chromebook has many advantages. For starters, it’s very inexpensive next to a Mac or even a regular PC. You can easily find Chromebooks under $300. Why this price difference? Simply because the Chromebook doesn’t have an internal hard drive or DVD drive, which makes it less expensive to produce. Another major advantage: the Chromebook is ultralight. For those who found the MacBook Pro light, the Chromebook is even more so! Again, this is the fact that it does not an internal hard drive. It is therefore also very thin and convenient to carry with you everywhere. The perfect computer for a tourist trip or a business trip!

Especially since the Chromebook has an autonomy that will make even Mac users dream. It can last between 7 and 10 hours on battery. On top of that, the Chromebook is very fast and responsive. Very easy to configure on first use, it then turns on in just a few seconds and does not require loading applications (which often slows down the start-up).  since everything is online. Any is automatically, and this does not like on a classic PC. The Chromebook finally has the advantage of being more secure.  You do not risk losing your data since online. And if you’re on the move and you don’t have your computer with you.  You can still access all your documents.


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