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This has been fixed. Dashboard: Attempting to create/edit/duplicate popups from within the dashboard became broken with router updates.  Closing a Shopify store now Algeria Phone Number automatically updates Sumo so that we’re aware of authentication token status. Whilst it is true that online marketing has experienced a sudden surge in popularity over the past few years, many of those who are in-the-know foresaw its rise way earlier than others. As more and more internet businesses are born

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Refactor Sumo Core: Updated the checkboxes throughout the app to use the new Sumo component library. MAR 5, 2018 Features Chat: Add ability to change Algeria Phone Number background image within Chat settings Chat. Allow use of Display Rule sets within Chat Dashboard: Implemented a better “Empty State” for first time users on the Overview, Pages, and. Forms views Discount Codes: Forms no longer lose their assigned discount campaign upon Shopify reconnect

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Discount Codes: Now allow the use of Algeria Phone Number {discount}, {discount_code}, and {price} in: subscribe_redirect_url, pixels_conversion, Algeria Phone Number and the form button’s redirect to link. Fixes WordPress: Dashboard stats in wordpress was not showing properly Algeria Phone Number since removing the legacy dashboard. Shopify: Cleared cache upon token reauthentication so token would no longer appear invalid.

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