Why Is My Android Smartphone Slow And How Can I Speed It Up?

Connectivity has become essential to the survival of any business. Good management calls for equipping traveling staff with quality equipment, but also for not spending unnecessarily. Over time, it happens that some smartphones become very slow . Two questions then arise:Your Android phone does not have the same software as a year ago. If you’ve done Android OS updates, they might not be as well optimized for your device and may have slowed it down. It could also be that your carrier or manufacturer added additional apps in an update, which run in the background and slow things down. These heavier applications require more resources Even if you haven’t done a single operating system update, the apps running on your device are newer.

As developers gain access to faster smartphone hardware, games and other applications may be optimized for this faster, less capable hardware on older devices. This is true on all platforms, over the years: websites become heavier, desktop apps want more RAM, PC games are becoming more demanding. Your phone is full! Solid-state hard drives slow down as you fill them up, so writing to the file system can be very slow if it’s nearly full. This causes the appearance of slowness on Android and applications. The Storage screen in the Settings menu tells you how full your device’s storage is and what’s using the space. If you have a lot of photos, videos, apps and messages stored on your phone? Look no further, if the storage available on your phone is low, it causes the device to slow down.

Speed ​​Up Android Via Developer Options

Remember to sort, go to Settings > Device > Storage and you will have an overview of what takes up the most space on your smartphone. Sorting through the applications by Lithuania Phone Number List deleting the ones you don’t use will save you a lot of space. Also remember to delete calls and messages that also take up a lot of space. Check the background If your smartphone is slow, an application may be running. Sometimes, we forget to close the applications that we open, so the application is always active and slows down the proper functioning of your phone. You’ve probably installed more apps as you continue to use your device, some of which open on startup and run in the background.

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If you have installed a large number of apps that run in the background, they can consume CPU resources, fill RAM and slow down your device. Likewise, if you are using a live wallpaper or have a large amount of widgets on your home screen, these also use CPU, graphics, and memory resources. Fine-tune your home screen and you’ll see an improvement in performance (and maybe even battery life). How to cure it ? Disable wallpapers, remove widgets from your home screen, and uninstall or disable apps you don’t use. To check which apps are using background processes, check the Runtime Services menu in Developer Settings. If you’re not using an app that’s running in the background, uninstall it.

How To Speed Up My Android Smartphone?

If you can’t uninstall it because it came with your device, disable it. Clear cached data Cached data can also contribute to slowing down your smartphone. Remember to empty the cached data in your applications, you can easily find them in Settings > Storage, you will only have to delete all the cached data on your phone. How to speed up my Android smartphone? Checking the previous points was not enough to make your Android smartphone faster? Here are 10 tips to speed up your phone. Please note, remember to take precautions and save items such as your photos/videos on your computer before handling them. Enabling the ‘Data Saver’ option Enabling the ‘Data Saver’ option in the Chrome browser will also help you surf faster.

The page will compress the page, use less data and load faster. You might sacrifice image and video quality a bit. Cut auto-sync Most smartphones today have this particular option in the settings. You can just head there to see which apps really need to sync automatically in the background. You can select the ones you think you don’t need auto sync for and turn off the auto sync option. Clear cached data This is perhaps the most common method to delete unnecessary files and make the smartphone fast in certain tasks. You get plenty of apps for this and some smartphones even have a built-in phone manager with this feature. Speed ​​up Android via developer options Inside every Android phone is a secret menu with developer options. This menu has various advanced options.

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