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With Windows Phone Apps, there are no child categories, so you can select them in their entirety as the channel for placements. In addition, there is an option in Google Ads to specify multiple placements, so via multiple channels. At ‘Placements’ it is also possible to exclude demographic characteristics. This can be done per subject and per underlying character. Experiments as the basis of a growth strategy The only thing that doesn’t change is everything. Keeps changing Brief look back: what happened around internet marketing in 2020? When you look back on 2020, you cannot avoid using the word ‘corona’ right away. The coronavirus has simply had a huge impact on all of us over the past year. Not only on health, society as a whole and our way of life, but also on our search behavior and the developments within online marketing.

Credited With Conversions Retroactively

More than ever, people were looking for answers to questions that contained ‘why’. Many online stores faced major challenges, news sites broke daily records and consumer spending simply shifted from offline to online at a faster pace. Giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft certainly did not sit still. Updates from Google In addition Zambia B2B List to the thousands of changes that Google makes every year, the well -known BERT update was one of the larger updates in recent years. The update aims to better understand the context around searches.  The importance of structured data has only increased in recent years.


With Conversions Retroactively

Last year there was also a clear increase in the use of structured data markups. Also read: How to measure the contribution of online advertisements to your offline sales An interesting development was the launch of Google Shopping Organic . This was announced in April and eventually became available in the Netherlands in October . From then on it became possible to make products visible in Google Shopping for free. Growing Competition from Amazon The introduction of Google Shopping Organic probably has to do with the increasing competition from Amazon. Many Americans now start product-related searches at Amazon more often than at Google itself. With Google Shopping Organic, Google also hopes to offer its users a better experience in the Shopping environment.

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