With Data Analysis You Can Analyze

Write a Javascript function that can convert the encoded number to the place name. Make this information available on your website the moment someone visits your website with the parameter. Screenshot location in Google Ads 2.3 Using location for personalization If the information is available on the website, it can be used to personalize the website. Some ideas for this: Return the location to the H1 (see image above) Enter location by default in entry fields Promote the nearest branches Reversing a user’s location can also be sensitive and counterproductive.

Data Analysis You Can Analyze

The advice is to always first test hypotheses related to location on the website with an A/B test. Validate first and then implement definitively. With a positive impact on the most important website metrics, such as the conversion rate, you can definitely implement it. Also read: Google Ads is a beautiful monster and here’s why Optimally Bahrain B2B List responds to the location with advertisements and the website To increase ad relevancy and improve return on spend, location responsiveness is definitely worth testing. Want to get more return from your advertising budget? Then start immediately with an ad variation experiment and A/B test to find out what the impact of location is for your advertisements and website! What will happen in 2021 in the field of online marketing?


Analysis You Can Analyze

What should you really pay attention to and where are the greatest opportunities? Just like the past 11 years, I look back on the most important developments of the past year and give my vision on the most important online marketing trends for the coming year. The Internet Marketing Trends for 2021 1. Automation, AI and Machine Learning 2. Voice, Voice, Voice! 3. Video advertising will continue to grow 4. Social e-commerce: in-app shopping 5. Visual search 6. The Impact of Globalization 7. Retention is both a must and an opportunity 8. Platforms & the Battle for the Winning Business Model 9. Optimizing business models with data 10. Branding and performance go hand in hand 11. Forget Boxed Audiences 12. Stop Fixed Marketing Budgets 13. Steer on the right KPIs.

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