Campaign With Multiple Video Formats

Therefore also set soft conversions, such as viewing a specific page or clicking a button, a minimum session duration or minimum number of pages per session. This way you can give valuable visitors who do not complete a hard conversion a value and map the interaction of a website visitor from the video ad. The in-stream and masthead ads allow you to add calls-to-actions. In this case, make sure you give users one clear command, for example, ‘Watch now’ or ‘Read more’. It is also important to create realistic expectations and not to set your KPIs too high. This way you avoid disappointment afterwards. Is your goal to have as many users as possible view a specific product page (soft conversion) and make a purchase (hard conversion)? Then go for the following KPI. KPI example 5% of YouTube’s unique users who saw the video ad view the product page.

With Multiple Video Formats

2% of users who viewed the product page after seeing the video ad make a purchase (the conversion may also take place at a later time). Another advantage of soft conversions is that you can also create target group lists. This allows you to access the soft converters again and still make a reservation or purchase! It is also advisable to add these target Philippines B2B List group lists to your search campaigns ‘for observation’. This gives you insight into the number of users who did a soft conversion after seeing the video and then came back to you through a search campaign. Do you have both branded and generic campaigns running? Then it is very interesting to see whether people search directly on the brand name or on a generic term. Clear KPIs & results At the start of a new campaign via a new channel, it is always difficult to determine realistic KPIs in advance. Have you run video campaigns before?


Multiple Video Formats

Then try to draw lessons from this and take the previous results as a starting point. With clear KPIs and results you have a good story for the customer or the management of your organization.After Marketplace and product tagging , Facebook has presented a new option this year: Facebook Shops. With this function you can turn your company page into a webshop. How does it work? What are the possibilities? And why should you as an entrepreneur start with it? We list the answers for you. Why Facebook Shops? Facebook launched Facebook Shops (known in Dutch as Facebook Shops ) this spring with a view to small and local entrepreneurs. Due to the developments of the corona virus, many physical retailers were forced to close their doors. To help them, Facebook offers the tool to sell their products through Facebook and Instagram. It is worth bringing your products to the attention of your target audience.

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