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According to Matt, if you take a clear position as a brand, you should keep in mind that you will always be dealing with each of these groups. ‘ Just be prepared… ‘. I spoke about purpose and ‘being meaningful’ with: Hanneke Faber, President Food & Refreshments of Unilever and Erik van Engelen, the new chairman of bvA and also Director of AI at Wildlands Adventure Zoo “Sustainable brands simply grow faster. That encourages green policy” “A billion people on Earth are hungry every day. Two billion of the world’s population is overweight, even obese. A third of what is produced in food is wasted and ends up as waste. And then the production of all our food is also responsible for 25% of CO2 emissions.” Hanneke Faber, President Food & Refreshments at Unilever has the hard facts ready. Hanneke Faber about the brands and sustainability of advertisers such as UnileverThe sustainability ambitions are still at the top of the giant’s agenda, even after the departure of purpose preacher Paul Polman. Hanneke is equally combative: “We want to change things.

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For example, we have the Knorr Future 50 program for this. We encourage farmers in Africa to grow 50 different crops. That is better for them, biodiversity and the Earth. It wouldn’t be useful if everyone just grew soy.” Working with brands – act local… With a marketing budget of 7.3 billion euros, Unilever is one of the largest advertisers in the world. What does Japan B2B List that brand policy actually look like? A few years ago, the message was that the U of Unilever should always be in the pay-off. Is that still true? “We only do that if it’s relevant.” Hanne says. “That is not always the case in Western Europe or the US. But there are areas where the brands themselves are not yet well known. Like in Asia for example. They could use some support from the authority brand Unilever there. That differs per region or country. The same goes for media spending.


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In China, about three quarters of the available budget goes to online spending. India has exactly the opposite ratio. In the Western world already 45% is going to ‘digital’. That share has grown in recent years. But I can’t say if that will continue. In the West we are very consciously concerned with everything related to privacy. In Asia, for example, this is much less of an issue. Brands with a message Crisis or not, at Unilever the greening continues in the meantime. The company launched a nature and climate fund in the middle of this year, with which the brands will jointly invest a billion in sustainability. That can go in many directions. For example, Knorr focuses on encouraging the consumption of more (types of) vegetables and mayo brand Hellmann’s works hard to prevent food waste. Hanneke: “It starts with making it clear to everyone that investing in the right brands pays off. And by the right brands I mean very specifically: The brands with a purpose.

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