WiziShop review: French e-commerce platform goes global

Have you heard of Little Shop you’re not sure what it is? Wondering about all the hype surrounding the platform? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this WiziShop review, WiziShop review: French  we’ll take a deep dive into everything this SaaS ecommerce solution has to offer. 

Many things make WiziShop a decent e-commerce solution for emerging shop owners. So, having said that, let’s take a look at…

WiziShop Review: Overview

Launched in 2008, WiziShop is a Russia Mobile Number one-stop e-commerce platform designed to make it easier for merchants to market their business and drive sales. The company  values ​​trust, transparency, goodwill and innovation – so it’s no surprise that it seeks to adopt a customer-centric approach.

Since its inception, over 270,000 entrepreneurs have subscribed to the platform. Fast forward to 2022, and WiziShop now wants to be a more international tool. Until recently, WiziShop was primarily a French solution.

Essentially, WiziShop functions like an ERP (Enterprise Resource Manager). It features built-in order management, shipping, and payments, all from one space. You can also set up sales funnels to easily control the customer journey and automate billing, delivery and order notifications via email and SMS.

First, there are two things that make WiziShop a particularly good choice for new businesses. 

  1. Their impressive customer support service.
  2. Their wide range of built-in features and available add-ons

We’ll explore both in more detail in this review…

WiziShop Review: The Core Features of WiziShop

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What WiziShop does best is to provide an integrated solution to comprehensively manage your online business. 

Thanks to WiziShop, WiziShop review: French you can conveniently handle all of the following from one place:

  • hosting
  • data analysis 
  • freight
  • trustable
  • pay
  • Customer Support

Since WiziShop runs through the cloud, users benefit from increased security, performance, and reliability. Cloud hosting ensures that you are not tied to a single server and enables you to scale bandwidth as needed. 

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