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This is how we make the customer dizzy », he Armenia Phone Number declared. Where do brands have to go in e-commerce? After him, it was the turn of Cristina Castillo and Andreas Niessen  responsible for product development and SEO in the specialized e-commerce Armenia Phone Number unit of Havas Market who explained how the company helps brands to Armenia Phone Number bet on their own e -commerce. -commerce .

In Order To Boost The Work Of Advertisers And Publishers

“Sometimes, brands generate a certain marketing myopia and sometimes forget to understand how users search for their products. We have to speak the same Armenia Phone Number language as the user,” said Andreas. Later Carmen Limia  Head of  Commerce at the OMG Transact division. Revealed the eight factors they work on to grow a brand when shopping online. Nowadays users know more and more what they are really looking for.

Armenia Phone Number

Brands have to identify those marketplaces that are better identified with Armenia Phone Number users », she stressed. José Luis Ferrero , Commerce Lead Iberia at Publicis Groupe , highlighted, during his presentation, five key ideas in this emerging sector and proposed a challenge to Armenia Phone Number accelerate e-commerce in all areas. “The challenge is to go out and win; and to go out and win, you have to focus on selling more but with a lot of strategy and head », he commented.

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