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So highly recommended. You can use custom intent audiences to segment your ad groups for a specific industry or landing page. You can define your own audience by entering in-market keywords, URLs, and apps related to your products and services. In addition, you can reach new customers on YouTube based on the terms they use on Google to search for your products or services. Here you can choose from 300 to 500 keywords that are probably used by your ideal target group in a search. So, with custom intent audiences you can define the ideal audience for your display campaigns. Unfortunately, it is not (yet) possible within the Google Search search network. Screenshot of an additional option: custom intent audience targeting. When do you apply in-market target groups? Now the store wants to target potential customers who have already grown further in the purchase process.

You Can Provide A Deeper

At the moment, in addition to affinity, the focus is also on the intentions of potential visitors. In-market responds to potential customers with increased potential. The focus is on ‘keywords with a purchase intent’. Keywords in combination with ‘buy’ are obvious, but long tail keywords based on type and brand are also interesting. Often searchers New Zealand Business Fax List use specific terms because it is already clear what they are looking for (probably the best deal). It is also possible to target searchers who have visited competitor websites. Keywords related to ‘buy running shoes’ Keywords in combination with type and brand URLs of online providers such as,, and Here too, it is smart to set bid adjustments per region in the demographic targeting options, in order to receive local searchers even faster on the website or in the store.


Can Provide A Deeper

Errand To this end, video advertisements are also used that show the full experience of the store. In this way, the target group knows that they will receive the best service with a purchase in the shoe store. In addition, you can also bet on bumper ads of a few seconds, which show various good deals. Remarketing lists for search ads Google Ads offers various options in the field of remarketing. One of the most widely used remarketing tools is the Google Display Network. This allows you to approach website visitors again with visual material. It is also possible to apply remarketing within the Google search network, which is better known as RLSA. This abbreviation stands for remarketing lists for search ads. This option of Google Ads is not yet applied everywhere, but it offers many possibilities. In addition to Google, search engine Bing also supports RLSA.

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