You Can Read Below Why It Is Important to Discuss This

A keyword can match multiple search terms and Google can use a different bid for each keyword. First back to the keyword. A keyword is the word or phrase that Google advertisers (now) set for a particular ad group to target their ads to customers. The word order no longer matters. Moreover, BMM eventually disappears completely. Google explains it very well in this image: Google explanation of the change Why Google’s Timeline Matters How does this change compare to other updates Google has made in the past? It is not the first time that Google changes matches and that is always done with a view to broadening.

Can Read Below Why It Is Important to Discuss This

You can read below why it is important to discuss this in the context of this news. In 2014, exact match keywords were no longer exact when Google included plurals, misspellings, and other variations.  In 2018, matched with search Australia Phone Number List terms that had the same intent. Later in 2019, this match was also expanded to include keyword phrases and broad match modifiers. In addition to the changing keyword option, Google has launched several campaign types in the search network that do not rely specifically on keywords, such as Google Shopping and Dynamic Search Ads (DSA). In addition, Google is announcing new campaign types, such as the performance max campaign , which will run on Dynamic Search Ads rather than keywords.


Read Below Why It Is Important to Discuss This

End of Broad Match Modified, a logical step by Google Given this timeline of changes, it’s not surprising that Google has now taken this step. A cynic would say that the only reason Google is making these changes is to get more money from advertisers. This is because broadening keyword options will increase the number of paid clicks. On the other hand, Google has significantly improved its algorithms to better understand the intent of a search term. By matching the keywords to more search terms, advertisers have a greater reach with the same effort. They can increase their revenue with the same return on ad spend (ROAS) or cost per acquisition (CPA), if you use smart bidding (I explain this later). Also read: Google Ads is a beautiful monster and here’s why Advertisers running shopping campaigns are already familiar with the above phenomenon.

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