Optimize Your Ads For Black Friday

How do you ensure that consumers order from your webshop? Add promotions to your ads, such as “free shipping” or “free packed,” which align with the upcoming holiday season. This extra trigger can be decisive in the online search for the best deals. But be careful: don’t make promises you can’t keep. Next day delivery is probably not an option, because mail deliverers often do not get the increasing orders delivered on time. Consumers also come to your website for the best Black Friday deals, not the fastest delivery. 3. Pay attention to your (Smart) Shopping campaigns Google Smart Shopping campaigns are growing in popularity. Google says that switching from regular Shopping campaigns to Smart Shopping campaigns leads to an average 20 percent more conversion. And that’s exactly what you want during Black Friday. It sounds like an open door, but we’ll say it again just to be sure: make sure you’ve added the relevant products to your campaign.

Your Ads For Black Friday

Are there any products or product groups that are not discounted? Then exclude these from your Shopping campaigns. Shoppers are specifically looking for good deals during Black Friday. So make sure you include those highly discounted products in your Smart Shopping campaigns. Also read Countdown to Black Friday: 7 last-minute tips for webshops 4. Make sure you have enough budget A common mistake during Black Friday is that marketers Austria Business Fax List stick to the same budget for their campaigns. Search traffic is going through the roof during Black Friday, which means your Google Ads campaigns will run out of budget faster than you think. Keep in mind that the popularity of Black Friday continues to grow every year. To be as efficient as possible with your budget, we recommend excluding (or limiting) lower-performing campaigns to save more budget for high-performing Black Friday ads.


Ads For Black Friday

Screenshot of the rising interest in Black Friday. 5. Give your bidding strategy room for peak moments Make room in your target CPA/ROAS bidding strategy so that you are sufficiently visible before, during and after the peak period. Look at last year’s budget and results during Black Friday. Is your conversion rate higher during this period? Then increase your CPA target or halve your ROAS target (with a ROAS bidding strategy), but keep your profit margins in mind. During the sale, many retailers are concerned with high volumes and often take lower margins for granted. So adjust your goals accordingly. 6. Pay attention to your landing page Not entirely unimportant: on which landing page do you let the visitors end up? The content on your landing page is just as important as your ad itself. Many webshops create a special landing page where all Black Friday deals can be found.

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