Connect Your Controller To Your Tablet

To be as efficient as possible with your budget, we recommend excluding (or limiting) lower-performing campaigns to save more budget for high-performing Black Friday ads. Screenshot of the rising interest in Black Friday. 5. Give your bidding strategy room for peak moments Make room in your target CPA/ROAS bidding strategy so that you are sufficiently visible before, during and after the peak period. Look at last year’s budget and results during Black Friday. Is your conversion rate higher during this period? Then increase your CPA target or halve your ROAS target (with a ROAS bidding strategy), but keep your profit margins in mind. During the sale, many retailers are concerned with high volumes and often take lower margins for granted. So adjust your goals accordingly. 6. Pay attention to your landing page Not entirely unimportant: on which landing page do you let the visitors end up?

Your Controller To Your Tablet

The content on your landing page is just as important as your ad itself. Many web shops create a special landing page where all Black Friday deals can be found. Here too it is good to work with a countdown timer. ‘X more minutes to score the best deals!’ fits in well with the feeling that consumers should make a purchase quickly, before they are too late. View your landing page on different devices to see what you can still work on in terms of design. Make sure the mobile version is user-friendly. It is not for nothing that Google has taken mobile-first Solomon Islands B2B List as its guiding principle. And according to Google research, a whopping 63 percent of all searches in the Black Friday 2018 period were conducted on a smartphone. So you know what to do! Then connect your website to platforms such as Black Friday Sale to alert potential shoppers to your promotions. These websites collect the most important actions in the Netherlands. So make sure that visitors on your landing page immediately see the best deals. Also don’t forget to look at your server. Can your website handle these high traffic volumes?


Controller To Your Tablet

It’s a shame if you put down a lot of money for a click and then you can’t get a customer out of it, because the website is down. In the article ‘ Ready for Black Friday ‘ by Jan Willem van Tilburg you can read more about increasing your database for Black Friday. 7. Use display advertising based on retargeting Do you want to start using display advertising? Then the target group list from the orientation phase comes in handy. This way you can display your products including discounts, with which you can give your sales a big boost. The following also applies here: due to the popularity of Black Friday, your budget will run out faster than you think. Be sure to include the tips we’ve covered when setting up your campaigns.

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