Youtube Simply Delivers More Impressions Faster

Also good to keep in mind is that Custom-intent only works this way if you use it for Google services (Gmail/YouTube). In the normal Google Display Network, a kind of In-market audience will be created. Are you curious in which of these target groups you fall? You can see that via this link ! 3. DO phase In addition to the standard Google target groups, you can also use first data cookies, i.e. your own data. By means of a Google Ads pixel you can capture visitors to your own website. This is what you call remarketing . Even more interesting can be the Google Analytics audiences. This makes it easier to add extra dimensions. You can also choose to only receive people who have not bounced immediately or people who have visited multiple pages. Another form of first data is using Customer Match, also known as customer lists. You can add data from existing customers to Google Ads to use it as targeting.

Simply Delivers More Impressions Faster

Use a template for this and process the data that a customer has already shared with you (for example, email or name). A strange duck in the bite are the similar target groups. These are lists that Google automatically creates. The name already gives it away a bit: Google creates target groups that are comparable Veterinary Email List to other target groups. These are the most common audiences used. There are more to mention, but in 99% of the cases this is enough.  I will not discuss the content creation part here, but this is extremely important in making your campaigns successful. I do want to talk to you about the different types of advertisements out there and their benefits. bumper ads Bumper ads are short videos of up to 6 seconds that cannot be skipped.


Delivers More Impressions Faster

Popularly, these types of advertisements are experienced as the least disturbing. After all, six seconds pass before you realize it. Furthermore, you can easily create a lot of volume quickly with bumper ads. YouTube simply delivers more impressions faster with this type of ad. They probably choose this because this type of ad is the least annoying/annoying while watching a video. After all, a bumper ad is a lot shorter than the other ads. This increases the user-friendliness of the platform in general. However, there are also many disadvantages to bumper ads. The main reason why I don’t often use bumpers is the limited time you have to get a message across. Use bumper ads especially if you want to reach consumers at an early stage (SEE phase). Create many impressions for a relatively low Cost Per Mille (CPM). The only way to bid for this type is Target CPM. You pay every time the video is shown 1000 times.

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